The Broad Residency is a two-year leadership development program for mid-level professionals working within school systems across the country. There are two paths into The Broad Residency:

Candidates who don’t currently work in a management role in a school system (school district, public charter school network or state education agency) apply to become Matched Residents. Through The Broad Residency selection process, finalist candidates will be matched with one of our partner organizations and will interview for a full-time opportunity at a school system. Matched Residents then work for that partner organization while participating in The Broad Residency leadership development program.

Candidates currently working in an eligible role at a school operating organization go through a similar selection process for Associate Residents. Associate Residents stay in their current role throughout the two years of the program while participating in the full Broad Residency leadership development program.

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The Broad Residency partners with other organizations in the education sector that are frequently looking for talented individuals. We will only share resumes and general information. We will NOT share written applications, phone interviews, or our assessment of you. May we share you rinformation with these organizations? Your answer will not affect your candidacy for The Broad Residency.

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